Kim Kalish is an Award-Winning Storyteller, Writer, & Performer (Conan, The Moth, Soul Pancake).


Grief is complicated. Sometimes you cry; sometimes you buy a top-shelf vibrator. Join this award-winning storyteller while she grieves her boyfriend's death. Heartbreakingly funny, Kim reminds you it’s okay to not be okay.

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Kim wants to thank everyone who made Edinburgh Festival Fringe so special.
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"A privilege to watch"
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"Kalish is an expert in changing the audience’s mood in a single line, which produces both entertaining and gut-wrenching moments."
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"we follow her wherever she goes, engaging with her words, waiting for the pause and relishing the punch line."
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"Poignant, powerful storytelling."
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"I truly wish my younger self had seen this play...Powerful and open-hearted."

Richard Stamp   
Fringe Editor-at-Large

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Featured Show and Interview
with Janice Forsyth

The Afterneen Show

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" Kalish is charming, funny, and possessed of the winning self-confidence of a New York “theatre kid”, but she’s also got a special off-the-cuff quality that makes the audience warm to her almost instantly."
"Kim Kalish gives a performance most actors only dream of. Her one woman show is real, raw, and very human. She transports you out of your shoes and into her soul with a story of love, loss and most importantly the hope that comes from humor."

Tom DeSanto
Filmmaker -X-men, Transformers

“Kim masterfully turns heartbreak into humor. I laughed. I cried. Don’t miss it.”

Ali Kolbert  
Headlining National Comedian

“Kim’s storytelling pulls you in with a sardonic smirk, followed by a gentle hug. You feel like you’re two drinks deep with your best friend. ”

Michael Teannant 

“Kim Kalish brings our eyes to life and also death with a story that melts our hearts and puts love and laughter where it once was. The Seven Gods of Westeros would be proud”

Eugene Simon
Actor - Game of Thrones


Martha Kalish


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